Roulette game

The roulette is the most famous game of casino in the world.

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How to play roulette online?

In the roulette game players had to predict which number the ball is going to go. You have a lot of different ways to bet to try to find where the ball lands. If you can predict you win !
Below you will find all the possible bets:

Even or Odd: Bet on ODD or EVEN for the last number pays 1 to 1.
Colour bet: This is the most used bet. Bet on red or black Pays 1 to 1 but if the ball lands in green (number 0) you lose pays 1 to 1.
High or low bet: It consist of predicting if the number will be on the top half of the board 1-18) or the bottom half (19-36) pays 1 to 1.
Column bets: You are betting that the ball will land on one of the numbers in the column pays 2 to 1. You can also bet on grouping of twelve numbers separate into 3 categories 1-12, 12-24, 24-36 this pays 2 to 1.

Inside bets are bet than you can do on numbers which have better rewards if you win.
Street bet: Place a chip on a row of three numbers to bet on all three numbers in that row or at the end of any “street” pays 11 to 1.
Split betting: Put a chip on the line between two numbers will split a bet between two numbers pay 11 to 1.
Straight up bet: This is the most benefit bet, you bet on one number pays 31 to 1.
Corner bet: Put a chip on the intersection of four numbers to split your bet between all four pays 8 to 1 but you can also put a chip in two adjoining streets pays 5 o 1 it like a double street bet.

Choose the best online roulette game

The game of roulette have evolved through the years and nowadays there is a lot of kind. Indeed, new forms of game plays appear with American, French, European, German Royal roulette and lots more! It important to know each one to choose the one who is optimal for you! There are the two main roulette European and American roulette, the others’ roulette ad rules or combine rules to create their own roulette.

American roulette: The difference with other roulette is that plus the 0 number you have a double 0 number “00” and the wheel is different. The numbers are arranged in a logical order but place opposite one another. Finally, your chance to win with a single number bet are 1 in 38.
European roulette: This is the most authentic roulette game in world originated in France, the numbers are placed randomly from 0 to 36 on the wheel. If you loose it a small lose because the house edge is lower than American house edge for example.

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Gameroo roulette online

Gameroo’s roulette online

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