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How to play online slots?

Since they have been created slots machines are popular because they are so easy to play, you bet and you spin you didn’t need knowledge. That’s why online slots are so appreciated by players and also because you can win astronomical amount who can change your life! Indeed, it easy to play, fun and exciting and slots games have the same base. However, they exist so much kind. You have the traditional one for example but every provider ad his rules and bonus in his game. Which create optimal game for each player depending on their way playing ! Find yours and enjoy with Gameroo.
Below you will find some basic rules about online slots:
Firstly you can choose your bets amount, you can select a bet which you are comfortable with and determine the coin value as well as your bet level.
Secondly to win in slots game you have “payeline”, you have to match the same symbols to win and some lines or cell have bonus, depending on which online slots game you play.
Finally, there are “pay tables” which helps players to know all specific rules and a bonus of the game they play. They can also see combinations between a symbol and to see which lines bring the most money.

Special symbol on online slots

There exist special symbols like “Wilds” which are like a joker. Indeed, these symbols are a substitute to other symbols and help you to complete the most beneficial payline or to add a cell to your already payline to increase you benefit.They can act differently depending on which slots game you play.
Scatter is also a special symbol which allow players to win free spins or bonus during their game, basically you play and got them during the game if you collect 5 of them you have a free spin or a bonus for example.

Sverige Casino Bonus
Sverige Casino Bonus

The three categories of slots games online

There are 3 different types of slots :
Low: you often win but not big rewards
Medium: combine the low and high slots
Hight: you occasionally win but when you win this is big rewards
It important for players to choose the categories that correspond to their game style. This is called “volatility”, and for example if you want to play for a long time you better choose low volatility slots game to try to win the jackpot.If, you don’t know in which category you are, look at the pay tables. They will show you all the rewards. If, they are high you won’t often win and you will know that you are playing in the high category.

Fixe Jackpot Vs. Progressive Jackpot

The Jackpot is the most important reward that a player can win. There two types of jackpots:
-Fixe Jackpots which mean that you will win a fixed amount for example 250 000€ per jackpot
-The progressive jackpot isn’t a fixed amount it evolves during the game because of players wins. Indeed, more the players won, more the jackpot increase until someone wins it. Some casino has a commune progressive jackpot to make the jackpot increase more, than if they have their own!

Sverige Casino Bonus