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The poker one of the most famous casinos game is for both beginners and experts. Indeed, even if you don’t have a good hand you can win a lot with a bluff! If, you learn a little  no one will beat you and you will be rich. Join us now!




Slots are the most famous casino game because it easy to play and to understand. You want to have fun and win money you should try it now and win the jackpot! Millios people are playing why not you?





Lot of people know the blackjack because this casino game need a good deal of knowledge. Indeed, if you play well you won’t often lose and luck isn’t everything in this game! Try it and have fun even if you didn’t mastered the game it easy to learn and really funny to play!


In the roulette game you have lot of way to bet with different rewards depending to the risks you take. If you can predict in which number, color or column the ball land you win.  Easy no? Try now and win the JACKPOT!



There is lot of way to bet, the sport is one of it but there is lots another field. For example football, basketball and lots more. Choose the ONE who corresponds to you and bet on it ! You can start with 1€ and win lot of money. With Gameroo we give you our bests online betting website!

Gameroo – The best comparison site in Europe

The best comparison site in Europe Gameroo helps you with everything you need to know about Europe online casinos: games, campaigns, reviews, comparisons, and explains how you can find the best bonuses for your favourite games. We keep you updated on the latest events and new online casinos that are placed on the market. We give you objective reviews of the most reliable gaming companies – you can expect to find this and more. Welcome to Europe Gameroo We call ourselves the best comparison site in Europe, and we deliver nothing less than that.

About Gameroo

a unique site that is completely specialized in comparison of Europe online casinos. To see our top list of casinos, just roll up or visit our ‘Net Casino’ link in the top menu. There you will find the best casinos in Sweden with information on all current offers. In the top menu you will also find a link called ‘Slot Machines’, which takes you to instructions that explain some of the most famous games extensively. Click ‘Blog’ in the top menu if you want to learn more about our Top 6 casinos. There you will find interesting reviews and comparisons between different online casinos. In particular for all new players, we recommend that you read our blog first to understand why we recommend some casinos.

Mobile casinos
Do you prefer to use your mobile instead of the computer? Do not worry! All of our recommended sites have a mobile casino that works on your Android, iPhone or Windows Phone. You should always use the same gaming account and gaming cash register so it makes no difference if you play via your mobile or computer. It is incredibly easy to play anywhere in the world. You can also continue playing when you travel away during your holiday and win travel cash for your next adventure! Swedish mobile casinos are just a quick click away. Mobile casinos really cross borders and allow players to participate in an exciting competition to win jackpots every day.
Recommended casinos

We only recommend online casinos that are serious and safe, and that we can rely on ourselves. All of these casinos have a long history and reliable owners. You can feel safe when choosing your next casino through Gameroo! Our listed online casinos are top-tested and also recommended by other gaming sites and media. The competition is fierce so game sites do there best to stand out of the crowd and become a little better than the others. We update our records and add new casinos and spell to our site all the time.

Finding the best online games and current offers in your country and currency can be very difficult. But take it easy, on Sweden CasinoBonus offers a summary for the best gaming sites for you. If you still have unanswered questions, please check our ‘Questions and Answers’ or send us a message via the contact form at the bottom of this page.