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How to play online Blackjack?

In the Blackjack online, there is a “dealer” and players. The goal of the game is to beat the dealer which have cards like other players. You have to reach “21” and the number on your carts represent a value so for example if you have a “3” and a “6”  at least on your hand you got “9”. You can bet as much as you want at the beginning but if you overcome “21” you lost your initial bet, it called “bust”. Unlike the other casino games the player has a real influence on the game, and they exist lots of strategy if you play “right” you will win. There are special cards in the game like figures (queen, king, valet) which count for 10 points and “Ace” which count for 11 or 1 point depending on the choice of the player. If, you reach 21 it called “blackjack” and you win 150% of your initial bet.

Before each shoot, players put bets then the dealer deal 1 card to everyone which is visible for players and deal to himself a card that no one can see including him. Then he always ask the player on his left side first to know if he wants another card, and he finishes with himself. The dealer take cards until he reach 17 or more, after that all players who have less than 21 and more than the dealer win. If, players have less than the dealer hand they lose and if a player has the same number as the dealer he recovers his initial bet.

  A strategic game

In blackjack online games, you can win a lot of money, if you have the required knowledge. Indeed, playing “right” with strategy gives you an advantage because sometimes cards of the dealer will make a “bust”, for example, if he has a “6”. He could reach “16” and have to pick another card and do a “bust”, which means a win for you. There is a lot of strategy look at this link for more information:

There is some advice for beginners:
If you have 12 and the dealer had 4,5 or 6 don’t pick another card.
Always stay at 17 and don’t change your hand if you reach 17.
If you got Ace and 8 or Ace and 9 it means 19 or 20
If you got 2 figures like 2 king, queen, valet or 10
Always split your pair of 8 or your pair of Ace
If you got a pair of 7 splits it if the dealer had a 7 too or less. Never take the assurance.
If  your initial hand is 10 or 11 double your bets until you reach the card of the dealer for example if the card of the dealer is 7 you will double your bets each shot to reach 7.

If you want to learn more about Blackjack:

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Why play online Blackjack

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