Betting with Gameroo

Football is the most popular game in the world and a lot of people like to bet on sports.

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What is the difference between the bets?

Football is the most popular game in the world and a lot of people like to bet on sports now there are betting online too. It exists for a long time and people keep betting everywhere and every-time. With online bets it now easier you don’t have to go to a betting desk. Nowadays, more the competition is famous more people bet and more you can win like in the Olympics game for example. There is 3 main bet:


Paris before the event

Pre-match bets are offered exclusively before sporting events take place. All bets must be made and accepted before the start of the corresponding event.


Live to bet

Live bets are not available in all sports events. The odds are constantly updated according to the evolution of each event.
Between the time a Player places a bet and the time the Player confirms it, the odds may have changed and the new value will then be offered to the Player by asking for his agreement on that new odds. The Player must confirm his acceptance to place his bet.


Free Betting

When a Player places his wager as a free bet, his wager is debited from his “free bet” account balance. If his bet is successful, his win will be credited to his main account balance.
winnings, the difference between the amount of the win and the amount bet from the free account, are credited directly to the main account.
For example, if a player bets 50€ from his free account that Liverpool beats FC Barcelona for a quote of 2.5: if the bet is won, the player will win 75€ because he should have win 125€ but it a free betting, so he only won 75€ because 125-50=75€.